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The full moon is but a warning of danger ahead by ACZCipher The full moon is but a warning of danger ahead by ACZCipher
I’ve used “The terrible crossover fanfiction idea generator” and it gave me this:

“Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining The Legend of Zelda and Sailor Moon. The story should use evil characters becoming good as a plot device!”

Since I don’t know jack about Legend of Zelda, except very general information, I’ve decided to replace it with Soul Calibur.

The description of utopian Earth under Queen Serenity’s rule in the anime (or, at least, in the Russian dub) had always strongly reminded me of Sheckley’s “The Status Civilization”. [link] The utopian society where everyone is absolutely happy, with no sickness and with everybody being granted longevity, but at the very same time stagnant and fragile (they were easy overwhelmed by Black Moon, as they relied on the single magical artifact too much, and nobody could fight back once it was gone).

So, mixing up these two ideas, I made a picture, then decided to add a small backstory for it, that had grown in size, while I was writing it.

I present you “The Moon’s Edge”. Or, at the very least, a prologue to it. I’m not really sure if I’m going to make this anything more than this pic and piece of text. (And maybe a few character profiles). But everyone who like the concept – feel free to contribute or write a fic or two based on it.

P.S. The pic’s name and the text’s final lines were borrowed from Siegfried’s ending in Soul Blade (Edge Master mode).

The Moon’s Edge

There had been two holy stones in the beginning, shared by two powerful rules in the Solar System. One belonged to the Queen of the Moon, another to the Hero King from the Earth.

The holy stones granted peace and power for those, who possessed them and kept the darkness at bay. Until one day, soon after his eldest son’s death, the Hero King took his holy stone and used it, along with shard of ancient metal, to forge a sword, sacrificing his life in the process of its creation. The Moon Queen never really understood why the Hero King put all his life into forging that small, two-pronged blade, but she didn’t give it much thought. There was a bigger trouble coming.

The Hero King’s younger son, the last of his line was neither a warrior, nor a ruler. A young romantic, who gave his heart to the Moon Queen’s daughter wasn’t able to keep his father’s kingdom as it crumbled to pieces. Amidst the chaos the malevolent entity, known as Metalia, was able to seize control. Its medium, an evil sorceress became an all-powerful Queen. Metalia gathered together the remains of the Hero King’s army and attacked the Moon Kingdom in an attempt to claim the remaining holy stone for itself.

Metalia’s plan was foiled, the Moon Queen used the holy stone in her possession to send it’s armies into the void and secure the reincarnation of the moon’s population on Earth. The holy stone was separated into seven pieces that were sent to Earth, so the Moon Princess could collect them someday and recreate the holy stone. At her dying breath the Queen wondered why the Hero King would give up his life for something so seemingly pointless.

Many centuries later, at the dusk of the XXI century, young Moon Princess used her holy stone to build an utopia under her benevolent rule. The holy stone, known on Earth as the Phantom Silver Crystal, granting the people extreme longevity, immunity to any disease and keeping the world peace.

The Crystal Kingdom existed on Earth for a millennium, and for a millennium there was peace, that was broken only once. And even after the war, the kingdom was rebuilt as it was and the utopia continued for five hundred years more.

And there was no war, no strife, no struggles… No progress, no invention… In the end the once raging river of humanity stood still. And dark things grow in still waters. The utopia slowly started descending into decadence.

It was when one of the main pushing forces behind humanity progress took a single act, a small act, that would change the history forever.

One day, in one city, a crow flew over a gathering of people and dropped a single shard of red metal.

The shard was unique, it was somehow captivating. Strangely, it was often changing owners as people who claimed it were always trying to get rid of it soon. It was said that the shard was causing a feeling of distress and strange, troubling dreams of faraway land. Passed from one person to another the shard ended up in the hands of a young man, who, instead of trying to get rid of it, packed and left in search of those faraway lands and forgotten treasures. Was it boredom or passion no one knows as the young man was never seen again.

However, a few years later came tales of a dark knight with enormous sword travelling the lands, walking by the night in general direction of the Crystal Kingdom’s capital. The knight’s very sight was causing the feeling of dread and despair in those who even put an eye on him. Those who were unfortunate enough to look in his glowing crimson eyes would never be the same again. The people who saw him from their houses’ windows just hurried back up in their beds convincing themselves that they just had seen a nightmare.

More years passed and one fateful night a drunk in Crystal City was telling his friend of a dark figure he had seen two days later, when he was returning to the city. They had laughed at his tall tales. Had they bothered to look outside, to one of the mountains they would have ran away in fear.

There, in the moonlight, high upon the precipice overlooking the city stands terror ahead. Clad into midnight azure armor he holds a cursed blade in his hand. The full moon is just a warning of danger ahead.
mb32770 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014
No. Sailor Moon's DNA will not be enough to kill Nightmare. We need Siegfried and his Soul Calibur because Nightmare has Soul Edge and that will kill a Sailor Scout in one blow including Moon and we don't want that now do we?
InuKik4ever Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
The senshi will face their greatest Nighmare!

More so if he...evolves. You may know what I mean
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